Thank you for submitting your home for an all-cash offer. A local investor will be giving you a call shortly at your scheduled time. Talk to you soon!

Selling Your House Should Be Easy
Get a cash offer you can trust

Pick your closing date

We Buy Homes Near You can be flexible with when you need to be out of the property. Even though we can close as quick as 7 days, we’ll work with you to make the transition as seamless as possible.

No showing or open houses

Open houses and showings can be a pain to work  your daily schedule around, so don’t bother with them. When you sell your home to us you won’t have to worry about staging your house, hosting showing or open houses.

We can help with your move

Maybe you inherited the property or you just dont want to deal with the hassle of clearing out  and emptying the home from  years of accumilated items. We work with local professionals who will get the job done fast and efficiently and help ease the struggles that come with moving.

Cut Out The Closing Costs

When you sell to us, you can cut out the middleman. We handle all costs associated with the sale and we buy your home in its current condition. That means you don’t have to pay closing costs to the bank or commission to an agent.

We make competitive offers

We base our model on whats going to be the best solution for your unique home sale situation. We take into account all fees and holding cost as well as repairs. We use have our own funding, this means that we are able to offer every seller our best offer. We are very competitive with estimated market value and neighborhood insights to form our offer.

We Buy Homes Near You is a high qualified buyer

With a traditional sale, buyers can cancel because their sale fell through or they couldn’t get financing because the appraisal came in too low. We Buy Homes Near You pays cash so you don’t have to worry about last-minute unmet contingencies.

No inspection or appraisal required

You can skip the homebuyer’s inspection and skip the long list of repairs they may hand you afterwards if you choose to sell to us. No open houses, no surprises, and no negotiation phase to deal with it. We purchase all homes in their current as-is condition.

Skip concessions
to buyers

Sellers often have to offer concessions to buyers so the sale can proceed. We complete the purchase in days without broker fees, title fees, transfer taxes, doc stamps, and other miscellaneous fees. This means you don’t have to make concessions or pay extra fees.

Skip the costs
of owning two homes

Sometimes to buy a new home you have to temporarily deal with the costs associated with owning two homes. Skip paying two mortgages for an unknown amount of time and let us buy it within just a few days.