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Receive a cash offer from a local investor.No repairs, updates, or showings. Pay ZERO fees. No Obligation to check.

How Does Our Cash Offer Process work?

Step 1 – Contact Us

After submitting your home for an all-cash no-obligation offer using our home seller form… One of our investors will reach out quickly!

Step 2 – Professional Consultation

You’ll receive a call within minutes typically from one of our local investors. They’ll inquire about your situation, why you’re selling, ask about the property’s condition, set up an appointment to visit your home, and inquire about your asking price.

Step 3 – Let’s Meet | Not Always Required

You don’t have to spend a dime to fix up your house. During the meeting the investor will: Conduct a full tour of your home. Review the interior and exterior condition. Take pictures of the entire property. While completing a repair checklist.

Step 4 – Your Offer

Our investors pay cash for the home so there is no waiting. No pressure or obligation to accept the offer, take your time considering it so you feel good about the situation. They evaluate your property details with you to prepare and present a cash offer for your home AS IS.

Step 5 – Sign & Accept

When you sell your house to one of our cash investors, you’ll save even more money because they pay typical closing costs – less for you to worry about! Once the cash offer is accepted, they will send the agreement, plus earnest deposit, to the title company to begin the closing process.

Step 6 – Close & Get Paid

Our investors close quickly, so you can move on with your life. Once you sign over the deed and other transfer documents. The title company uses the funds to pay off any lenders and lien holders, before immediately wire transferring the remaining difference into your bank account.