Our founding team has over 10 years of experience in the housing market. For too long, we’ve seen owners of distressed homes get a bad deal, and settling for less than what they deserve.

We created We Buy Homes Near You to change that.

We Buy Homes Near You is a marketplace that connects homeowners looking to sell their house as-is to one of the largest network of investors to ensure that homeowners get the highest possible offer. We market your house to hundreds of local property investors who bid and compete to buy your house as-is, giving you the peace of mind that you will receive the highest off-market price possible.

For homeowners trying to evaluate the tradeoffs of selling on or off-market, we’re here to help advise on that decision, and our home assessment, scope of work for necessary repairs, and offers are free. It is our goal to empower the home seller with all of the information needed to make the best decision for themselves, at no cost.

Our Mission

For far too long, homeowners without the time or resources to get a house market-ready have been taken advantage of when it comes time to sell if the house needs some love. We think this isn’t fair and we started We Buy Homes Near You to change this.

The We Buy Homes Near You Partner Network can buy houses in most of the major markets across the United States. With a We Buy Homes Near You, investor, they can buy your house even if your house is ugly, you’re going through a divorce, you inherited a property, you are in danger of foreclosure, entangled in legal problems, late on payments, or damaged beyond repair and all kinds of other situations.

You’ve got nothing to lose, Stop the frustration of your unwanted property. Let We Buy Homes Near You buy your house now, regardless of condition. This simply means we’ll take your property in as is condition. You make no repairs or improvements. It’s that easy. Get cash for your house!

Our Values.

We strive to always put the seller first in each transaction while also being transparent along the process. We rely on our experience to earn your trust and simplify your home selling experience.

Seller first

We are more than a house buyer service, think of us as your real estate problem solvers. Our goal is to help homeowners like you solve their property problems and start taking advantage of their financial situation. Most of all, we handle your unique situation personally and professionally. Because after all, you deserve to be treated like a person not an algorithm.

Costs Accumulate Every Day, so our investors move fast to get things done in the shortest time possible, saving you time and money.

We understand that a fast home sale is better than a listing to sell later, and that’s why when we buy houses, our investors make an offer on your home typically within 24-48 hours. Because of this we buy houses of all types (good or bad condition), quickly so you won’t have to wait weeks or even months for a real estate agent to try to sell your home on the market. We alleviate the additional cost, so you have no fees, no commissions and no contingencies. Wherever in the U.S. we buy houses, we also pay for closing costs and set up a closing date that works best for you. Let We Buy Homes Near You work for you and lets us give you Cash offer for your home!

Here are some of the most common fees and costs associated with the home selling process that are avoided when you sell to a We Buy Homes Near You investor:

**Listed will vary depending on which state the home resides

Depending on your current property taxes and the time of the year that you sell your house, you could end up paying additional property taxes on your home.
Escrow fees cover a wide range of expenses, including fees to sell your home, hold the sale funds in trust, draw up paperwork for the transaction, and other necessary formalities.
If you live in an HOA, you’ll need to transfer the fees paid to the HOA to the new homeowner.
Only an inspection will reveal how much you will need to spend on repairing your home before it is suitable for sale.
This is a mandatory fee that is paid by the home seller.
A fee must be paid to the Recorder’s Office to record the deed of trust and sale of your home.
Title insurance is insurance provided to the home buyer by the home seller to ensure that the home title clears to the individual who buys your home.
Commissions are paid to the listing agent’s real estate brokerage, which then pays the listing agent and the home buyer’s agent for their time marketing and negotiating offers to sell your home.
Depending on the coverage, this fee is either paid to the buy or seller. The average cost for a home warranty is $450-$550.

We’re Here To Help Simplify Your Home Sale

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